Monday, June 18, 2018

Cum Goddess Chelsie Ray

Maybe you're think that the only reason to masturbate over Chelsie is her exceptionally nice little titties

and they certainly are exceptionally nice!

However there is another good reason to jerk-off to this babe

Chelsie on a leash sucking cock

Chelsie in a classic gang-bang pose

but here's our other reason- Chelsie is a Cum Goddess

taking a load on that pretty face

Caged bitch in heat

Sucking cock

and licking it all up!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Hot Dates

Here are a few of the Hot Dates I had when I was in high school

While other guys were out with real live girls I was down in my basement jerking-off to Playmates, like this hot number.  Blew more than a few loads to her!

Here's a pretty babe with huge tits.  Just one or two loads for her.

This sexy lady got a few too

Lots of the playmates were well-endowed, though not my favorites

I'm not sure I was totally aware of it at the time, but the gals I creamed to most had smaller breasts.

Pretty, but over-sized.  Still she was worth a cum dump!

I liked this babe's sexy nightgown, and even now she's fun to stroke to

but this babe got a disproportionate amount of my cum!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Masturbation Goddess Kimber Woods

Third in the Kimber Woods series.  I've been creaming for Kimber lately!

She sure does look sexy in this dress- could cum to her clothed!

On the other hand (the one that's wrapped around my little dick), masturbating to her tiny titties would is even nicer!

They're such a nice size, perfectly formed, and far apart on her chest.  The one on her right side seems just a bit bigger than the one on the left- very sexy!

Nice thighs too!  Kimber's going to get the pledge!

Normally the pledge would cum right here, but today's post is going to be extra long. Such nice legs!

Some lucky stiff is asking sexy Kimber survey questions

Kimber shows him something to survey!  I sure hope he's got the balls to fuck her- I'd really like to masturbate to that scene!

Our lucky stiff gets a taste of Kimber's sweet pussy

Didn't take Kimber long to undress.  What a nice looking body she has!

Our soon-to-be Masturbation Goddess sucks his cock

With a cock like that he's well equipped to deal with Kimber

The slut guides it into her cunt

Kimber's got what she was looking for at last

Our Goddess is just another cunt to the lucky stiff now.

The lucky stiff decides to try out another hole. Look at how nicely Kimber's titties frame her pretty face!

and Kimber's pretty pussy, just hanging out there!  I sure would like to lick it!

The stud blows his load all over the cunt

What a delicious-looking cunt!

and now, at last, the pledge.  Kimber Woods, I promise to masturbate to your pics until I cum and then lick up every drop in tribute to your exceptional beauty and tiny titties.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fantasizing about Kimber

I bet Kimber Woods is the subject of lots of masturbators fantasies

and what's that t-shirt say?  That's just the kind of girl we've been looking for- one who doesn't go for the guys with the smooth lines.  Maybe she'd like to hear about our latest programming project!

but when she raises that shirt we loose all words

and this is too good to be true- a real live girl showing us her real live pussy!

We can think of nothing to say- only to pull out our little dicks and start stroking!

such a sexy body!  I have all kinds of lewd thoughts!

and off goes the skirt!  Just look at her sexy hips and thighs!  Her tiny titty!  and such a pretty face!

I'm stroking away, imagining some kind of lewd sex act...

Like watching her suck another mans huge cock!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Outdoors with Kimber Woods

In a previous post I mentioned by outdoor porn stash.  I hadn't been there all winter.  Finally it was a hot day and I went to look for some new porn to add to this collection.  When I got to the news shop where I got my last set of porn mags they had hardly any magazines anymore.  They seemed to becoming a breakfast and lunch place.  In the back shelf were they kept the porn I could only find boy on boy mags.  At last I discovered the last two-pack.

It included this Hustler issue with a really sexy brunette on the cover.  Naturally I grabbed it up.  But then I wondered if I could find any more mags.  Seems like they are becoming a thing of the past.  At one time there were all sorts of places selling porn mags, but I suppose they don't really compete with internet porn these days.  I for one do really enjoy internet porn more than the dirty magazines of yesterday.  But I also like this occasional outdoor experience!

So I returned to my porn pinnacle and retrieved last years collection.  I went through the notebook giving each babe at lest a few strokes (if not more). Then I started going through the new porn, jerking to the babes and then selecting one or two to add to my collection.  About half way through I went through the Hustler with the sexy brunette cover girl.

I was immediately taken with her breasts!  Such nice tiny titties, very far apart on her chest!  I liked her on the cover but inside she was even better!  I had to take care not to cum as I had several more mags to go through.

and here's Kimber about to kick some guy in the balls!  While he writhes in pain she pins him beneath her bare thighs.  What a lucky stiff! That got me even more excited!  I decided to remember her name and look her up on the internet when I got home.

After I finish going through the new mags and then started reviewing the gals in the notebook.  Part of the way through I blew my load to some other babe (I was suppose to go through the whole group and pick one out).  Poor control!

Here's a pic of Kimber I got from Imagefap (I like that name).  The title of the post was "Bubble Butt Hunny Kimber Woods Strips Lingerie Outdoors".  I like that title!  And I really like Kimbers tits!

Nice tits, nice body!  Some babes with tiny titties are really skinny, but my favorites have nice hips and thighs like Kinber here.

and here's that nice bubble butt we saw on the cover of Hustler.

Kimber taking a thick cock up her tight ass.  Such a pretty pussy with a nice landing strip (although I would prefer a little more hair). Sure would like to give it a nice licking!

Double-stuffed Kimber.  I like that expression on her pretty face.