Saturday, February 17, 2018


Pretty Girls

Here's an assortment of lovely ladies with tiny titties

                                      So nice to see babes with the best breasts

                                          This lovely lady looks nice and flat

                                    Would you rather kiss her breast or shaved pussy?

                                                                   Nice big areolas

                                           Big ass and little titties- a nice combination!

                                                                       more big areolas

                                 Both small, one smaller than the other- very very nice!

                                     and small breasts and big hips- another nice combination!

Friday, February 16, 2018


Ashley Fires

Ashley's taken a number of my loads

                                               Sexy- I could cum to her clothed!

                                                 But pics like this are much better!

                        What a figure- so nice to fantasize getting my face between her legs!

                                                                   Looks so inviting

                                     It makes me stroke harder to think of her as such a slut

                                                            This babe likes big cocks!

                                                        and here's where I'd like to be

                                                             What a lucky stiff

                                                                     two lucky stiffs


Masturbating over a babe getting dressed?

                                          Bridie looks over the outfit laid out for her

                                                   She starts dressing.  I start beating-off!

                                 Just look at that sexy body! Nice tits! Nice figure!  Nice fury muff!

                                   Such a sexy outfit, and she's showing plenty of skin

                                                         Bridie's got a nice tail too

                                                          All dressed up and ready to go

                                          A little rope helps separate her breasts and cunt

                                                               I'd let her pull me anywhere!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sydney Cole

My newest Masturbation Girlfriend- Sexy Sydney Cole

I'm craving a masturbation date with this babe!

She's got the kind of body I could cum to

Lovely face, nice tits, and a pretty pussy

Stroking my tiny dick and fantasizing about that pussy

Looks like Sydney enjoys masturbation too- we have something in common!

nice and shiny here

Work that clit Sydney!

Sydney can handle a pair of huge cocks too- what a girl!

Those ropes accent her lovely little titties

and stretching out her arms enhances those breasts too

now he can finger her all he wants too

Did I mention that Sydney has pretty eyes?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


These babes know how to handle beta boyz

It's his face to her ass- a perfect match!

He gets hard just licking her pussy

and she makes the most of his face

She's not that mean though- she gives him a little bit of dick stimulation.

But this babe likes to watch betas squirm!

This is what he dreams of

teasing an oiled dick

and getting an ass ready for a pounding

Yep!  These babes sure know how to handle beta boyz!