Monday, November 20, 2017

Goddess Chelsie Rae

HJere's Chelsie Rae, a Masturbation Goddess if ever there was one!

                                                   Such a sexy body and pretty face!

                                                                  pretty pussy too

                                             some studs handle the caged merchandise

                                   what a combination- tiny tits and wide hips!

                                                                        my fantasy

                                                    Chelsie looks so very fuckable

                                                                     such nice skin

Chelsie Rae,l I promise to masturbate to your pics until I cum and then lick up every drop in tribute to your incredible beauty

                                                               Such a sexy babe!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Masturbation Blogging

Wouldn't it be a better world if we all talked about masturbation openly? Well, I suppose that anonymous masturbation blogging is a start.

I began by making comments about masturbation at a porn site that allowed comments. Ir seemed strange to me that people would talk about every thing else when the obvious function of porn is to serve as a masturbation aid.

Then I was searching the term “masturbation” on Google and I came across sites like where people write in about their masturbation experiences. I entered one. Next I came across the Onania blogspot (now defunct) and left my story about my first masturbation. Seeing it in print made me masturbate, but I also realized that I could start my own blog. I signed up for a blogspot, but the simple title “masturbator” was already taken. So I tried one thing after another until finally I hit on “masterjerker”.

My first attempt was a bit misdirected since I wasn't sure whether I wanted to post my own masturbation history and opinions or pics of the girls I idolized and creamed over. I did both at first, but then I decided that the pics should go into a separate blog which I named “Porn Masturbation”. This setup worked well and I was posting stories about my past, masturbating, and posting pics of pretty girls. It wasn't long before I started another blog- cunnilingus- named after another of my favorite pastimes. Then I started the blog “Masturbation Goddess” which soon evolved into a blog where readers nominated and voted on their favorite masturbation girlfriends. I put counters on my blogs and found out that after awhile I was getting lots of hits. I even got some comments. This became an obsession for me, blogging and masturbating the whole time (for inspiration). But then, after perhaps a year and a half I began to have thoughts of deleting everything. This was due to a combination of paranoia and masturbation guilt/shame. I've always found that in the heat of masturbation I'm ready for all sorts of wild experiences. But after I drain my dick of cum my libido is gone too. Then I start having thoughts that are counter-productive to masturbation. One by one I started deleting blogs. I got some comments on my main blog from disappointed readers. But I continued until they were all gone. I was going to turn over a new leaf. But I didn't stop masturbating, and before long I had started up the second generation of my masturbation blogs. This went on for some time (probably another year) until my account was suspended by Google!!!

 After a bit I started up a third time. When my account was suspended again I contacted their help link and after several tries, lo and behold, my blogs were restored. So here I am today, writing this story and stroking my dick.

Friday, November 10, 2017


Pics of pretty pussies to jerk-off to

                             Doesn't this babe look nice with her legs spread wide apart?

                                                           Very pretty and so inviting!

                                                 Nice Masturbation Material

                                                   Like them hairy and swollen?

                                                     Here's a babe I could cum to

                                                    That tie adds an extra touch

                     It's like she's inviting us in.  What will it be, finger, dick or tongue?

                                                                      It's tongue for me!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Halloween Festivities

                                                            Here's a pie I'd like to taste

                                                                                  Nice Ass

                                                                        Elle is such a sexy devil

                                           Now that's a sexy costume- going as a nude!

                                                                    such a nice treat

                                                               Time to harvest vegetables

                                                                    a pair of witches

                                                                      Devilishly Sexy

Monday, October 30, 2017

The View from Below

Looking up to the Superior Sex

                                                 Such a lovely sight to behold!

                                                       How about a Little Lick?

                                                          Finger in a Nice Place

                                                                        nice outfit

                                                    Bobbi is one of my favorites

                                           She's standing there, hands on hips, waiting for service

                                                                      such a pretty pussy

                                                              Ready for Action!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Playboy December 1975

At one time I did a lot of masturbating to Playboy mags

                  My older brother got them from a used bookstore, like this one from December 1975

The centerfold was Nancie Brandi, a babe with big boobs.  Even them I wasn't in to such big ones, but beggars can't be choosers so she got a few loads from me.

The December 1975 issue also had this article about the Story of O.  Corinne Clery had much nicer tits and even though her pic wasn't as big she got way more cum!

And then there was this whipping scene.  This caused an ethical dilemma for me.  That naked babe was so sexy!  But she was also tied up and being whipped!  As you might imagine, I eventually ended up blowing my load over her, again and again and again!

                                            and here's some cunnilingus- how exciting!

                                                       all of this was very exciting

                            it gave me pleasure in my youth although I never saw the movie

until much later when I downloaded it from the web.  And then I didn't get very far into it before I came!  Still, with many attempts, I eventually made it through the whole flick.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

O gets screwed and whipped

Here's a scene from the beginning of the Story of O

                                            O is prepared for a fucking and whipping.

           I like the way she needs to get made up, particularly the work on her nipples.

                                                                       O is inspected.

This pervert enjoys the fact that she seems distressed about him having his hand in her crotch. What makes it particularly arousing is the way she does absolutely nothing to prevent him from doing as he pleases.

                                                              O gets a good fucking

Corinne Clery has such a nice body. Love watching her get screwed.  I have to admit that it took me several loads to get through this entire scene!

                                                                O gets a good whipping

                                         O has such a nice hairy muff.  Love seeing her like this!

                                                      O gets the rules explained to her

The dress code for women at the ch√Ęteau is very practical.  It allows them to be readily used by any man who wishes to. I also like the bare breasts!